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英:[blɜ:(r)]  美:[blɚ]

英:  美:


n. 污点;模糊

v. 弄脏;使 ... 模糊


shade | blot | mist | distortion | blear | muddle | dim | smudge | smutch | confuse | blob | distort | slur | fuzziness | blotch | glaze over | fuzz |smear | obnubilate | fog | impression | cloud | obscure | shape | haze




1 、On a layer lower, picture the mask shadow with the next tool (Brush Tool) and blur it out.───在头头下面新建一层,是用画笔工具给头头画个影子,并使用滤镜-模糊-高斯模糊将影子进行一下模糊处理。

2 、Change the layer's Blending Mode on Color Burn and blur out a little the edges of the lipstick, using the Blur Tool.───在将图层混合模式改成颜色加深,在用工具组中的模糊工具模糊下溢出嘴唇以外多出的部分

3 、He hasn't read up on the background to this project and was very blur at the meeting.───他还没有仔细地研究这个项目的背景材料,开会时稀里糊涂的。

4 、Map makers will be able to remove the blur effect that is currently on StarCraft IIs invisible units.───地图编辑器能去除星际争霸中默认带有旳扭曲效果。

5 、I rushed back out to get a pic of the blades - they were whizzing round, a blur to the naked eye.───余赶回了获得知情同意的刀片-他们呼啸轮,一个模糊的肉眼。

6 、While the traditional Gaussian Filter can reduce image noise; it may also blur image edges.───传统的高斯滤波在去除图像噪声的同时产生了边缘模糊的问题。

7 、To become misty or hazy; blur.───变得模糊或朦胧;弄得模糊不清

8 、Obi-Wan caught a blur of large brown spots speckling the tree trunks as they zoomed fast.───就在他们加快速度时,欧比万忽然模糊地预感到有许多棕色的斑点散布在树干上。

9 、Blur a little the painted parts with the Smudge Tool.───使用涂抹工具将眼睛周围的装扮涂模糊一点点。

10 、Copy now the mask layer, applying to it Filter -Blur -Gaussian Blur.───复制面膜层,点击滤镜-模糊-高斯模糊。

11 、From behind him, there was a blur of something being swung, and a dull thud.───在他身后,有什么东西正挥舞着,紧接着一声闷响。

12 、With QuickTime Pro, you can add special effects such as blur, emboss, and film noise to a movie before you export it.───使用“QuickTime专业版”,您可以在输出影片之前,给影片添加柔化、浮雕和**胶片噪音等特效。

13 、But now educational research methods have the shortcoming of conception blur and overemphasizing technique.───但是现今教育研究方法仍然存在概念模糊、过分强调技术手段等缺陷。

14 、The people in the cafe and the busy streetoutside all disappeared into a hazy blur.───在咖啡店和外面繁忙的交通中的人都消失成一片忙碌的模糊。

15 、So they tell me. It's all a bit of a blur.─── 别人是这么说的 我都记不清了

16 、To blur or double(a printed impression).───使印记模糊或有重影

17 、Alas, her sight is rather poor. Without her glasses, everything is a blur, which tires her out quickly. See, her glasses are broken.───唉,她的视力太差了。缺少了她那副眼镜,一切都是模糊一片,这样她马上就会疲竭了。你看到了,她的眼镜弄破了。

18 、Cultural differences blur in [India's film production] industry... which is open to all castes and religions.───印度**产业里模糊的文化差异说明它是一个对所有阶层和宗教开放的事物。

19 、A blur, stress-overwhelmed, nerdy little cute girl slapped me right on my face with her brilliant speech of professionalism.───"就像厨师对于做菜一样,实验桌上就是我的专业,所以每一个步骤我都会做到最完美。”

20 、Thus, the line between “digital” and “analog” HDTV begins to blur.───因此,“数字”和“模拟”的界线开始变得模糊起来。

21 、Fig.4 The microvilli arranged in good order but their palasmalemma has becomed blur and disappear.───图4膜盘群进一步向绒毛内深入,微绒毛虽排列整齐,但其质膜开始模糊和消失。

22 、This latter approach enables simulation of motion blur, depth-of-field focus effects, reflection blur, and other effects.───使用后一方法可以模拟运动模糊效果、景深焦点效果、反射模糊效果以及其他效果。

23 、She tends to blur the distinction between her friends and her colleagues.───她往往将朋友和同事混淆起来。

24 、The people in the cafe and the busy street outside all disappeared into a hazy blur.───咖啡厅里的人们,在忙碌的街道的人们都消失不见变得模糊。

25 、The rest would blur, like a watercolor that's gotten wet around the edges.───其余地方都是模糊的,就像水彩画中边缘的部分一样。

26 、Yes, they are a pair of brown ladies hornrimmed glasses with blur tinted lenses.───好的,那是一副色角质镜框女用眼镜,蓝色镜片。

27 、Prosperity has arrived in a blur to a teeming city that still reflects images of its cultural traditions.───喧闹的繁华塑造着整个依旧折射着文化传统的城市。

28 、The other, a mere blur of light upon the darkness, indicated the position of the anchored ship.───另一处亮光只是黑暗中隐隐约约的微光,表明大船停泊的位置。

29 、If the oil blur on the surface of glass in too thick to w ipe off with dry cloth or leather, wet the cloth with ether.───如果玻璃表面上的油污太厚,以致于用干布或干的皮革擦不下去,则用乙醚把布沾湿去擦。

30 、Dora lifted the lid,tears beginning to blur her vision.───多拉打开盒盖,泪水顿时模糊了双眼。

31 、A ball tossed by a child from a balcony hurtles through the air like a bullet, a blur barely visible.───孩子从阳台上扔出一个小球,像子弹一样隐约不清。

32 、Its breeding plumage a blur, a common loon in Wyoming's Moose Lake flaps in rapid bursts to shake water from its wings.───在怀俄明州的莫斯湖,一只看似平淡无奇的潜鸟快速的摆动它的翅膀想摔干上面的水迹。

33 、Dora lifted the lid, tears beginning to blur her vision.───多拉打盒盖,泪水顿时模糊了双眼。

34 、On the image we just did the blur on, adjust the blending to Lighten.───在我们做迷离的图像,调整照亮的混和。

35 、Her life was a blur of rich men, designer clothes and glamorous resorts.───她的生活由有钱人、名牌服饰 以及迷人的度假胜地交织而成

36 、Should the object come closer than this near point, the image will blur.───如果物体比这个近点更近,那么图象就会模糊了。

37 、If I don't wear my glasses, everything is a blur.───如果我不戴眼镜,一切都是模模糊糊的。

38 、Not only do TV, radio, and print constantly bombard them - the online options further blur their buying decisions.───不仅电视,广播和一些小**轰炸着他们的大脑,而且网上购物更模糊着他们的购买抉择。

39 、A blur of a year at the university.───她在大学里糊里糊涂混了二年。

40 、To blur or redden(the eyes).───使模糊,使发红使(眼睛)模糊或发红

41 、A person standing still on the side of the road would see a car flying by and the sign would be a blur.───一个站在路边的人将看到一辆车飞驰而过,车窗上的标记模糊成一片。

42 、Tonight only a faint blur of a few nearer lights penetrated the almost-opaque curtain of wind driven snow.───今晚只有邻近少数微弱的、模模糊糊的灯光能够透过这几乎是一片混沌,被风刮起来的雪幕。

43 、Somehow,though,the whole thing seemed like a magical blur.───但不知何故,整个事情看起来简直像个奇迹。

44 、Soon after you saw the dark blur of casuarina trees above the line of the sea, you would see the white bulk of the house.───从很远很远的洋面上看这小岛,首先映入眼帘的,除了大片麻黄林外,就是这幢通体雪白的房子。

45 、G70 x, handles antialiasing, post process, motion blur.───则处理抗锯齿,影像后期处理,运动模糊。

46 、"Aiyo..make us lol.:DTeacher:"Blur then why dont you wear it?"Guy:"Because reflected."Teacher:"Oow.───不过和现在相比之下,哥哥的变化看起来不大,只是显得较成熟了。

47 、It's all a blur, but I know I wasn't...myself.─── 记忆很模糊 但我知道 我当时失控了

48 、A blur of sunlight was crawling across his hair.───一道耀眼的阳光正抹过他的头发。

49 、Our odyssey has been a blur of delights.─── 此番奇幻历险本来没什么乐趣

50 、It's just a blur. I don't... I don't remember.─── 记忆都模糊了 我... 我不记得了

51 、The next three weeks were a blur.───其后三个星期的事情变得一片模糊。

52 、I don't remember anything after that. It's all a blur.─── 之后就什么都不记得了 一片模糊

53 、and it, it was blurred so it doesn't matter.─── 因为数值模糊了 所以其实没有关系

54 、To become misty or hazy;blur.───变得模糊或朦胧;弄得模糊不清

55 、It was shaking and there were tears in his eyes, so that he could see nothing but a blur.───他的手发颤,泪水盈眶,眼前只见一片模糊。

56 、It can also be extracted from the flow for use in separate effects like motion blur.───它也可以被提取的流动,用于单独的运动模糊效果一样。

57 、He blazed down the field in a blur.───他冲向了田野,速度快地让人看不清。

58 、The next two hours went by in a blur as the work team continuously served food and distributed gifts.───在接下来的两个小时,我们马不停蹄地供应食物并分发礼物。

59 、But this economic glob alization could not blur the nationalities of different cultures.───多元文化是当今时代的特征,也是世界繁荣的标志。

60 、The example simulates the blur by convolving a Gaussian filter with the true image (using imfilter).───例如将现实图象通过卷饶高斯滤波器产生模糊(用反滤波)。

61 、Copy the layer now( Layer- Duplicate Layer) and blur it out with Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur.───将图层复制(层-复制图层)点击滤镜-模糊-高斯模糊,参数如下。

62 、The "blur", with the art development, is becoming clean and mature and also raising the theorize and systematize.───内容的朦胧性是随着艺术进程的发展而逐渐成熟、清晰、理论化、系统化的。

63 、Everything goes by in a blur, which I have to presume was intentional.───一切在一片模糊,我不得不相信是有意的。

64 、Eye close diopter of Xiaoming is very deep, but wore glasses to still blur however, why?───小明的眼睛近视度很深,但是戴了眼镜却仍然模糊,为什么?

65 、The faces are blurred, and they could be anyone.─── 面部被模糊化了 无法分辨身份

66 、Instead of a big dark blur,I see a big light blur.───-你也会死在这,你知道的,真方便

67 、But we see it only as a hazy blur .───但我们看到的只是模糊的斑点。

68 、As an aesthete, Wilde tried to blur the boundary between art and life.───作为一名忠实的唯美主义者,王尔德一直努力想要模糊艺术和生活之间的界限。

69 、The quotation "The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play." is a recipe for happiness.───哈哈,既爱又恨,最后还是用它。所以人的最高造诣是分不清楚,反正用着快乐就行了。

70 、His skin was now quite black, and he would just be a dark blur on a dark background.───他那黑黑的身体在灰蒙蒙的背景映衬下,不过是个模糊的黑点而已。

71 、Everyone looked toward the red blur that Marie's candle made in the dark.───在黑暗中每一个人都把眼睛移到玛丽的那根蜡烛发出的光点上。

72 、To be honest with you, this whole place is a blur.─── 说实话 戴着完全看不清

73 、And every so often, amid the blur of bureaucratic tedium, a little nugget would glitter.───在冗长乏味、模糊晦暗的官腔官调之中,不时会有小金块闪闪发光。

74 、The rest is a blur! Former colleagues and old friends welcomed us as returning family.───令我们惊喜不已的是,旧同事和老朋友热情地欢迎我们,犹如与家人重聚一样。

75 、In the streets, everything beyond a radius of fifteen yards or so was shrouded by the drizzle and appeared as a misty blur.───变成了浓雾的细雨将五十尺以外的景物都包上了模糊昏晕的外壳。

76 、Have you? I've forgotten. It's a blur.─── 真的吗 我都忘了 就是随口一说

77 、Hit this area with gaussian blur set to 2.───击中这区域使用高丝模糊2。

78 、So maybe the blur on the bridge is his cameraman.─── 也许桥上的模糊人影是他的摄影师

79 、The first few days are a blur of exhilaration and exhaustion.───刚开始的那些日子,兴奋与疲惫掺杂不清。

80 、As an example of these problems,visible contouring,motion blur,and image compression degrad ation due to MPEG compression and their compensa...───例如可见轮廓、动画模糊以及MPEG压缩引起的图像压缩失真及其补偿算法都将在本文中描述。

81 、It will not do to try to blur out distinctions between right and wrong.───企图混淆是非是不行的。

82 、Mostly clinic manifestation include cervical movement limitation,pain on neck,shoulder and backside,sight blur and a drumming in the ears.───主要临床表现颈部活动受限,颈、肩、背部疼痛,常伴头痛、头晕、视物模糊、耳鸣等症状。

83 、Use tools such as red-eye reduction, crop, sharpen, blur, and emboss to enhance or correct your images.───使用工具削尖红(色)眼睛减少, 收成, 污点, 和提高或者改正你(们)的图象的压花。

84 、Don't blur the distinctions between things.───不要模糊事物之间的差别。

85 、You can enhance your photos using filters including sharpen, blur, contrast, emboss, smoothing noise and color balance.───你能够增加使用包括的过滤器的你的相片磨快,模糊,对照,饰以浮饰,使噪音光滑和给平衡上色。

86 、They tried to blur out distinctions between right and wrong.───他们企图混淆是非。

87 、Motion Blur: Turn on or off motion blur.───动作的模糊效果。

88 、Blur the hair on the necessary direction.───将头发像合适的方向进行模糊。

89 、His arm was a rapid blur of movement as he struck.───他出击时胳膊快速一晃,令人眼花缭乱。

90 、Gets or sets the radius used in the blur kernel. A larger radius implies more blurring. This is a dependency property.───[本主题是预发布的文档,在将来发布的版本中可能会有更改。空白主题是为将来预留的。


分类: 娱乐休闲 >> 明星 >> 欧美明星


Blur 乐队介绍

风格: Alternative Dance(另类舞曲) Alternative Pop/Rock(另类流行/摇滚) Britpop(英伦摇滚) Indie Pop(独立流行) Pop/Rock(流行/摇滚)

BLUR(污迹)1989年组建于英国科尔切斯特。这支乐队是由主唱代蒙。阿尔本(Damon albarn)组建起来的。他曾在艺校的录音室中打工,因此后来熟识录音间的操作:贝司手亚历克斯。詹姆斯(Alex James),吉他手格雷厄穆。考可森(Graham Coxon),鼓手戴夫。朗特别里(Dave Rowntree),四个人全凭自己的天分取得了他们的地位,在两年时间里横扫英国流行界--他们以自己的行动和斐然的成绩有力的摧毁了“在电视游戏和舞曲时代摇滚乐已经死”的预言。

乐队最初一“蜥螈”(SEYMOUR)的名字举行过几次演出,偶像艺人达米安。和斯特(Damien Hirst)称他们“为‘批头士’以来英国最棒的乐队”。一盘样带将他们引入EMI下属公司FOOD公司的门槛,并把乐队名字改为“污迹”。1990年乐队的处女单曲《她真高》(She''s So High)一经问世,便进入英国排行榜前50名之内,打破了乐坛被“Baggy”〔一种由“快乐的星期一”(HAPPY MONDAYS*)〕和“石玫瑰”(STONE ROSES,THE*)为代表的独立/舞曲混合乐〕“奴役”的形式。但男孩们并不甘于小小的混音室,他们还很上镜头,风趣,可爱,性感,一时间成了英国音乐界的宠儿。

1991年乐队处女专辑《闲暇》(Leisure)问世,其中单曲《别无它路》(There''s No Other Way)闯入英国排行榜前十名,这在当时是非常“非常”的作品,尤其是颇为可怕的歌词,对于乐队来说可并不是什么天真的回忆。


乐队“最后的机会”就是1993年《现代生活是垃圾》(Moderm Life Is Rubbish),乐队的美国公司建议这张专辑与“涅磐”(NIRVANA)前制作人布奇。瓦易格(Butch Vig)重新录制一遍。实际上,FOOD公司为了使单曲获得更好的成绩,完全放弃了这个计划,他们认为新素材里缺乏具有流行潜力的热门歌曲,但只造成了一点点流行。这次专辑和单曲都经受了严格的考验,阿尔本迅速的成长进步扭转了批评家的看法,他既树立了一个新的现代影响力有保持了不列颠之声的精髓之处--深埋在“奇想”(Kings,The*)乐队中的时代根基。虽然乐队又以出色的表演挽回了过去的损失而重新赢得了乐迷,但这张专辑和单曲并不尽人意,直到童年的单曲《男孩和女孩》(Cirls and Boys)给他们带来了巨大的转机。这首歌怪异的节奏和动人的旋律,直入英国排行榜,并霸占了广播电台整整一个夏天。紧接着1994年的《猎圆生活》(Parklife)获得一直好评,同样登上了英国榜首,销量达200万张并跨进数个国家的排行榜,1995年2月,他们获得4项BPI大奖--最佳单曲,最佳专辑,最佳录象和最佳乐队。随着《猎园生活的成功》“BLUR”打开了独立吉他摇滚乐队通向排行榜的大门,并在90年代中期老老的控制了英国的流行文化。“绿洲”(OASIS*),“橡皮筋”(ELASTICA),“果肉”(PULP),“布。拉德利斯”(BOO RADLEYS,HTE*),“腹鸣”(ECHOBELLY*),“男士服”(MENSWEAR)都沾了“BLUR”的光。1995年初,《猎园生活》卖了3白金的销量,乐队也成了超级明星。

如今,他们的吸引力已经延伸到了十几岁到三十岁之间的乐迷中去.周旋于青少年和杂志圈中,虽然他们的英国气质必定会影响专辑在美国的市场,但十五万的销售量已经是先前成绩的三倍了.1995年夏天,乐队再次推出新单曲<<望族之星>>(COUNTRY HOUSE),使它第一次登上了英国的单曲排行榜冠军.当它在英国大行其道时,作为反击,不列颠流行乐之王"绿洲"掀起了与中产阶级校园艺术的代表"污迹"之间争夺排行榜之战.结果,在老朋友赫斯特的帮助下,<<望族之星>>大获全胜,而正当这时他们的新专辑<<大逃亡>>(The Great Escape)再登专辑榜首.


但随着不列颠流行音乐的退潮,乐队面临越来越多的传媒责难和日渐冷落的公众,为此,”BLUR”在1996年初查点解散,于是他们决定1996年全年不再在公众面前露面.年底,阿尔本宣称他已经厌倦了英国音乐而是更着迷美国的独立音乐,这一说法在他们1997年2月出版的专辑<<污迹>>中得到了证实.英国传媒对这张专辑评价一般,但乐队对英国的反应已经无所谓了.专辑的第一首单曲<甲虫 *** >(Beetebum)虽然获得了排行榜冠军,但很快划出了排行榜,他们的大部分听众都不能完全接受他们的路子.但乐队改进后的声音赢得了不少美国听众,专辑在美国获得了好评并掀起一阵小小的热潮.在美国的成功最终有渗透回英国,不久专辑又返回英国排行榜.




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