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英:[i:z]  美:[iz]

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v.减轻, 放松, 缓和, 缓慢移动

n.容易, 悠闲, 安逸, 自在


动词现在分词: easing |动词过去分词: eased |动词第三人称单数: eases |动词过去式: eased |


at ease

1. 安心; 自在; 不拘束

The dentist soon put the small girl at ease.


2. (口令)稍息

ill at ease

1. 局促不安; 不自在

I always feel ill at ease in a strange environment.



aid | facility | simpleness | content | lighten | contentment | affluence | sympathize | lower | leisure | allay | relax | lessen | console | comfort |relieve | loosen | simplicity | sunshine | relief | straightforwardness | assuage | repose | soothe | favor | slip | slide | edge | rest | convenience | informality | appease | facilitate | luxury | relaxation | easiness | help | alleviate | soften | reduce | still | silence


difficult | anxiety | care |difficulty | uneasiness


with ease
-熟练地, 轻而易举地
take one's ease
-休息, 悠闲
-安心, 放心
ease out
ease away
-【航海】渐渐放松(索具); (痛苦)渐减
ease oneself
-(=ease nature)大小便
feel ill at ease
-局促不安, 心神不宁
at (one's) ease
-舒适, 快活; 自由自在, 无拘无束;【军】稍息(口令)
set sb.'s heart at ease
-使安心, 安慰某人
put sb. at his ease
-使某人宽心; 使某人感到无拘无束
set sb.'s mind at ease
-使安心, 安慰某人
ease back (on)
stand at ease
ease up
-[口]缓和, 放松; 放慢速度
be ill at ease
-局促不安, 心神不宁
ease off
-【航海】渐渐放松(索具); (痛苦)渐减
ease up
-减轻(痛苦, 负担, 紧张状态等);【商】(银根)稍松, (价格)稍稍下跌
ease off
-减轻(痛苦, 负担, 紧张状态等);【商】(银根)稍松, (价格)稍稍下跌
social ease
-毫不拘束, 态度自然
ease down


1 、Isn't it amazing that most of the students can speak English with great ease now?───大多数学生现在英语讲得非常流利,这难道不令人惊喜吗?

2 、She performed a somersault with ease,ie easily.───她一下子就翻了一个跟头.

3 、So you might want to ease up on her.─── 所以你还是别让她干那么多活了

4 、Don't worry about meeting my father; I'm sure he'll put you at your ease.───不要怕见我的父亲,我相信他会使你毫不拘束的。

5 、The ease with which he lifted up the huge rock quite surprised us.───他轻而易举地举起那块大石头,使我们大吃一惊。

6 、At ease, soldier. I'm not currently after you.─── 稍息 士兵 我现在不是冲你来的

7 、When he arrived at the train station, he hurried through his breakfast, manifestly ill at ease and keeping a sharp eye about him.───到达火车站後,他匆忙吃完早餐,显然很不自在,并警惕地注视四周。

8 、After about 20 minutes,the rain began to ease up.───20分钟后,雨开始小起来。

9 、Not every idiom translates with such ease.───不是每个习语都能这样容易地译出来。

10 、He speaks English and Arabic with equal ease.───他说英语和说阿拉伯语同样流利。

11 、I do not feel at ease in the strange place.───在这个陌生的地方,我觉得很不自在。

12 、He won the race with consummate ease.───他不费吹灰之力就赢了赛跑。

13 、He handed her a cup of coffee to put her at ease.───他递给她一杯咖啡,让她放松下来。

14 、He jumped over the river with ease.───他很轻松就跳过了河。

15 、I felt at ease after hearing his words.───听了他的话,我心里踏实了。

16 、He spoke confidently and with ease.───他很有把握、毫不拘束地进行演讲。

17 、You'd better ease down on this curve.───在这条弯路上,你最好减速。

18 、They put her as much at ease as they could.───他们竭力使她感到自在。

19 、You can't feel at ease with a toothache.───你牙疼不会感到好受。

20 、He felt ill at ease in the strange surroundings.───在生疏的环境中,他感到局促不安。

21 、The hostess always sets her guests at their ease.───女主人总是叫她的客人们不要拘束。

22 、She was ill at ease for she was stranger there.───她在那人生地不熟,感到很不安。

23 、He has gained ease in writing English.───他现在写英文已很流畅。

24 、They had to ease the speed of their boat .───他们不得不减低船速。

25 、He felt at ease and confident about the future.───他对未来感到轻松自在并且充满信心。

26 、In his retirement, he lived a life of ease.───他退休后过着悠闲舒适的生活。

27 、Their help enabled me to finish the work with ease.───他们帮助我,使我能够顺利地完成工作。

28 、A life of ease is a difficult pursuit.───优悠自在的生活,是一个难以追求的东西。

29 、His state of mind was not at ease.───他心绪不宁。

30 、Ease of use for publishing in a journal format.───以易于使用的日志格式发布信息。

31 、She sat down and took her ease by the fire.───她坐在火旁休息一下。

32 、I put it in this for ease of carriage.─── 我倒在了小瓶里 携带比较方便

33 、The injection brought him immediate ease.───他经注射後疼痛顿消.

34 、Finish the work at your ease, ie in your own time.───你可以从容地把这项工作做完(在你方便时).

35 、Having a cup of coffee can ease off your pressure.───喝杯咖啡可以减轻你的压力。

36 、He speaks Arabic and English with equal ease.───他说阿拉伯语和英语都一样自如。

37 、He said with an ease that surprised him.───他话说得相当从容不迫,竟使他自己也感到有点吃惊。

38 、The doctor tried to rest his patient's mind at ease.───医生设法让病人安下心来。

39 、He is very much at ease in life.───他生活得非常舒适而无忧虑。

40 、She hauled herself on to the roof with ease.───她一使劲就翻到屋顶上去了。

41 、You look very tired; you would better ease off .───你看来很疲倦,最好减轻点工作量吧。

42 、Do you vomit? Does vomiting ease the pain?───你呕吐吗?吐了会好些吗?

43 、It seemed he was not at all at ease.───他好像十分不安。

44 、The ease with which they fit into your arms.───她们投入你怀中的惬意。

45 、They did this to ease their economic crisis.───他们这样做是为了缓和经济危机。

46 、The ease and speed of it rather astonished Ron.───事情竟然如此神速且不费吹灰之力,确实让罗恩大吃一惊。

47 、His legs were weary, but his mind was at ease.───他的双腿很疲乏,但心情舒畅。

48 、He can walk twenty miles a day with ease.───他一天走二十里毫不在乎。

49 、He passed the test with ease.───他轻而易举地考及格了。

50 、With two sons bedridden,Mrs Smith was ill at ease.───两个儿子病在床上,史密斯夫人非常焦急。

51 、I'm bound to ease a Rendon patient out of the world.───但是我必须去把莱敦的一个病人超度到另一个世界去。

52 、The gloves are too tight for him to pull on with ease.───他的手套太紧,很不容易戴上。

53 、Walking helped to ease him of his pain.───他散了散步减轻了一些痛苦.

54 、I want that kind of ease for myself.─── 我希望自己也能有这份安逸生活

55 、It won't ease the burden on your soul.─── 也不能减轻你的灵魂上的负担

56 、Sound sleep presupposes a mind at ease.───充足睡眠需以心情轻松为先决条件。

57 、He sat into a chair with careless ease.───他随便往椅子里舒舒服服一坐。

58 、The doctor gave him some painkillers to ease the pain.───医生给了他一些止疼片以减缓疼痛。

59 、I am not at ease with a lot of people.───人多的时候让我觉得不自在。

60 、You would better ease down on this curve .───在这条弯路上,你最好减速。

61 、To ease my mind I stopped thinking about it.───为了宽慰自己的心情,我不再想下去了。

62 、They hope she will ease up a bit after the matter is over.───他们希望这件事过去后她会宽心一些。

63 、He look about the room with boyish ease.───他以孩子般自在的神态打量房间。

64 、He could trample on them with ease.───他便能随心所欲地粗暴对待他们的。

65 、She defeat all her rival for the job with nonchalant ease.───她从容不迫地击败求职的所有竞争者。

66 、Only in my home do I feel at ease.───只有在我家里我才觉得自在。

67 、You should have some. I'll get you some. It would ease you.─── 你应该也喝一点 我去给你拿 会让你好受点的

68 、Do you feel at ease in this seat?───你坐在这个位子上舒坦吗?

69 、You look very tired,you'd better ease off.───你看来很累了,还是减轻点工作吧。

70 、The hostess tried her best to place the litter girl at her ease.───女主人尽量使小姑娘消除紧张情绪。

71 、Walking helper? to ease him of his pain.───他散了散步减轻了一些痛苦。

72 、The sergeant gave his men the command "At ease!───上士向他的士兵发出口令:“稍息!

73 、He jumped the wall with ease.───他毫不费力地跳过了那堵墙。

74 、Lack of ease; perplexity and embarrassment.───不安;困惑;尴尬

75 、Ease or cheerfulness in manner or style.───举止或风度的自在或优雅

76 、He fulfilled his task with ease.───他毫不费劲就完成了任务。

77 、He appeared ill at ease at the party.───他在宴会上显得很拘谨。

78 、I regret we haven't been more at ease with each other.─── 我后悔我们没有更轻松自如得相处

79 、He can manipulate the computer with great ease.───他能非常娴熟地操作那台计算机。

80 、A principal fruit of friendship, is the ease and discharge of the fulness and swellings of the heart, which passions of all kinds do cause and induce.───友谊的主要效用之一就在使人心中的愤懑抑郁之气得以宣泄弛放,这些不平之气是各种的情感都可以引起的。

81 、She was ill at ease in the presence of strangers.───她在生人面前感到不安。

82 、At ease, at ease. I was just thinking about you, actually.─── 稍息 稍息 其实我正想找你了

83 、It's a party, so ease up on the kid.─── 这是派对 别对那个孩子动粗

84 、His behaviour did nothing to put her at her ease.───他的行为无法使她安心。

85 、A collection of recorded data or tapes arranged for ease of use.───为了使用方便,排列记录的数据或磁带的收藏,

86 、He had been dreading their meeting but her warm welcome soon put him at his ease.───他对彼此相见一直忐忑不安,可是她热情相迎使他很快就无拘无束了。

87 、He said I must accustom myself to be more at ease when I am with people.───他说和别人在一起时我要慢慢做到别太拘束。

88 、After that, I felt completely at ease with her.─── 那之后我对着她就能完全放松了

89 、I was struck with ease after finishing the article.───写完那篇文章之后,我突然感到一阵轻松。

90 、He had the air of soldier standing at ease.───他那神气活象一位稍息着的士兵。


pleaseadi.使满足的 int.请;对不起 vt.使高兴,使喜欢 vi.满意 pleasedadj.高兴地,满足的 pleasingadj.令人愉快的;可爱的;合意的 pleasureableadj.愉快的 pleasurenonu.愉快、乐事,乐趣


ease 是舒适的意思 ill at ease 就是不舒适easy 是容易的意思

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