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英:[kənˈvi:niənt]  美:[kənˈvinjənt]

英:  美:


adj.便利的, 方便的


副词: conveniently |


close at hand |suitable | adjacent | available | useful | nearby | easy | close | comfortable | advantageous | timely | expedient | opportune | handy | favorable | fitting | appropriate | commodious | adapted | near | accessible


unhandy |inconvenient


1 、It's more convenient to stay in city- centre hotel, but they can be noisy.───位于市中心的饭店更方便些,但那些饭店可能是充满噪声的。

2 、I could be her mistake of convenience.─── 她可能会为了方便而选择我

3 、PI: This means good, but your wife when convenient?───农夫:这办法不错,但您太太什么时候方便呢?

4 、The lower berth is more convenient.───下铺更为方便。

5 、When is the most convenient for you ?───什么时候您最方便?

6 、So it's not convenient, it's not comfortable.─── 所以现在的城市生活既不便捷也不舒适

7 、Living in the big city is convenient.───住在大城市是方便的。

8 、This method is convenient,accurate and fast.───与常见的分析方法相比 ,这种方法具有方便、准确、快速的优点。

9 、I'd like to see you whenever it's convenient.───在你方便的时候我想来看看你。

10 、One that dispenses or gives out, especially a machine or container that allows the contents to be removed and used in convenient or prescribed amounts.───分配者,药剂师,分配器分配或分发的人或物,尤其是指机器或器皿,用它可将东西分发并用起来方便或规定数量

11 、What time would it be convenient, sir?───先生,请问什么时候方便?

12 、I'll call back at a more convenient time.───在方便的时候我会回**的。

13 、I'd like to see you whenever (it's) convenient.───一有方便, 我就去看你。

14 、Will next Friday morning be convenient to you?───下星期五早晨你方便吗?

15 、Come whenever it is convenient to you.───你什么时候方便就什么时候来。

16 、Drop in whenever it's convenient.───什么时候方便,什么时候来。

17 、Would it be convenient if I dropped by today?───如果今天我顺路去找你,不会有什么不方便吧?

18 、When would it be convenient for you?───你什么时候方便?

19 、When do you think is convenient for you?───你认为什么时候方便?

20 、It is the last of them which is the most convenient analytically.───其中最后一个在分析上是最方便的。

21 、Would it be convenient to see you today?───今天见你方便吗?

22 、And the hostel is cheap and convenient.───“住宿舍既便宜又方便。”

23 、What time will it be convenient for you?───你什么时间比较方便?

24 、Since it convenient, price cheap, secure.───因为它方便,价格便宜,坐享其成。

25 、Is it convenient for you to engage a surveyor?───你们联系公证方便吗?

26 、It's convenient to carry a flashlight at night.───夜间带上手电筒很方便。

27 、Traveling by train is very convenient in Europe.───在欧洲用火车来旅游是非常方便的。

28 、Convenient, healthy and picturesque situation.───交通方便,环境卫生,四周风景如画。

29 、FAX REP: Well, would next Tuesday be convenient?───传真机代表:下周二方便吗?

30 、As a means of cooking and heating, electricity is very convenient, but where price is concerned, gas has it.───作为烧饭和取暖的一种手段,电是很方便的,但在考虑费用的场所,煤气要优于电。

31 、When would it be convenient for you to begin?───你什么时候开始比较方便?

32 、Drop in whenever it is convenient.───什么时候方便,什么时候来。

33 、Gruel is convenient to make in the morning for breakfast.───吃早饭时,做稀粥是很方便的。

34 、The transportation is convenient, quickly.───交通方便,快捷。

35 、Is your home in a convenient location?───你家的位置方便吗?

36 、Is it convenient to travel by bus?───乘公共汽车旅行方便吗?

37 、Come at any time that is convenient to you.───你哪会儿方便就哪会儿来吧。

38 、Do come to our house when it's convenient for you.───你方便的时候一定来我家做客。

39 、Classified Ads are very convenient and informative.───分类**信息量大,而且非常方便。

40 、The convenient store is open around the clock.───便利商店廿四小时营业。

41 、What time would be convenient for you?───你看什么时间比较方便?

42 、What is the most convenient time for you?───你什么时候最方便?

43 、When is the most convenient time for you?───你什么时候最方便?

44 、When would it be convenient for you to go?───你什么时候去方便?

45 、Books are more convenient to learn.───书本学起来更方便。

46 、Come to see me whenever it is convenient to you.───你什么时候方便,就请来看我。

47 、When it benefits you or when it's convenient.─── 仅限于对你有利或方便的时候

48 、In many situation, speaking invitation is more convenient than writing invitation.───在很多情况下,口头邀请比书面邀请更为方便。

49 、The CBD has a convenient communication network.───中央商务区拥有现代便捷的交通网。

50 、Living near work is very convenient.───在工作地点附近居住非常方便。

51 、You couldn't have come at a more convenient time.───你来得再恰当也不过了。

52 、Will 10: 00 a. m. be convenient?───你早上10点方便吗?

53 、Is it convenient to go to the Expo Site in Pudong?───到浦东的世博会场方便吗?

54 、Will it be convenient to see you this evening?───今天晚上见你不知是否方便?

55 、Would 2:00 in the afternoon be convenient?───下午2点行吗?

56 、A bicycle's often far more convenient than a car in busy cities.───在热闹的都市里骑自行车往往比坐汽车方便得多。

57 、What time will is convenient for you?───几点钟对你方便?

58 、What time will be convenient for her?───什么时候对她方便呢?

59 、This isn't a friendship of convenience for me.─── 这对我来说不是基于利害的友谊

60 、Will this eveningbe convenient for you?───你今天晚上方便吗?

61 、Is it convenient to call you up tonight?───今晚给你打**方便吗?

62 、When would it be convenient for you to begin work?───你什麼时候开始上班比较方便?

63 、It's more convenient to eat in the fast food restaurant.───在快餐店就餐省事。

64 、Will it be convenient for you to call after?───你三点以后再打**方不方便?

65 、And you come at your convenience, or not.─── 你们方便的时候就过来 不来也行

66 、What time is convenient for him ?───他什么时候有空呢?

67 、Would it be convenient to you to see me at 10: 30?───十点三十分来看我,对你方便吗?

68 、Will it be convenient for you to come in the morning?───你上午来方便吗?

69 、Compare to other vehicle, car is really quite convenient.───同其他车辆相比,汽车确实很方便。

70 、What time is convenient for you?───你什么时间合适?

71 、Life is very convenient for city inhabitants.───城市居民生活很方便。

72 、You've got to change at Paris,but it's convenient.───你得在巴黎转车,不过转车很方便。

73 、As this growth takes place, it will create a demand for convenience video stores, stores that'll provide video equipment, accessories, software, and rental movies to a neighborhood customer base much the same way that convenience food stores provide groceries and other items today.─── 当这种增长发生时 会激发人们对于便利音像店的需求 这些商店提供录像设备 配件 还有软件 把**租给附近的客户群 和现在提供日用品和其他物品的 便利食品店差不多

74 、Is it convenient for you to go out tonight?───今晚你方便出去吗?

75 、When would it be convenient for you to come?───什么时候可以来?

76 、I'd like to see you whenever(it's) convenient.───一有方便,我就去看你。

77 、The supermarket near your place is very convenient.───你家附近的那个超市很方便。

78 、It wasn't an arrangement of convenience, then.─── 看来那不是为了掩人耳目了

79 、The timing of the meeting is not convenient.───会议的时间安排不合适。

80 、with the most convenient definitions, we're more than that.─── 因为这样最方便 但其实我们没这么简单

81 、Will four o'clock be convenient for you?───四点钟时你方便吗?

82 、When would it be most convenient for you?───什么时候您最方便呢?

83 、Will the 3:50 train be convenient to you?───3点50分的火车对你方便吗?

84 、It's fantastic! It'll be a lot more convenient!───太神奇了!这样就方便多了!

85 、I have highlighted it for your convenience.─── 为便于观察 我已用高光标示

86 、What time would be convenient for both of you?───们两个人什么时候方便呢?

87 、Would half past two be convenient?───2 点半方便吗?

88 、I meanmaybe, if it's convenient for me.─── 我是说 可能吧 如果我方便的话

89 、Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?───你明天开始工作方便吗?

90 、The underground railway is convenient.───地铁是很方便的。

convenient 是什么意思啊


adj. 便利的, 方便的





副词: conveniently



It is convenient for him to call on her.

而I am convenient to call on him的用法是错误的。


It will be convenient to know her.




It will be convenient that I shall call at four o'clock.


应改为It will be convenient for me to call at four o'clock.



错句: When are you convenient?

订正: When is it conveninet for/to you?

翻译: 你什么时候方便呢?

分析: be conveninet for/to sb意思为“对某人来说方便

convenient 是什么意思啊


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