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英:[ˈskelɪtn]  美:[ˈskɛlɪtn]

英:  美:


n.骨架, 纲要, 骨骼, 骨瘦如柴的人或动物, 家丑



a skeleton in the cupboard

1. 家丑

I wonder how many other skeletons they've got in their cupboard.



be worn to a skeleton
be reduced to a skeleton
skeleton at the feast [banquet]
walking skeleton
family skeleton (=skeleton in the cupboard, skeleton in the family closet)
-家丑, 见不得人的事


appendicular skeleton
gel skeleton
body skeleton
inflatable skeleton
-充气骨架; 充气房屋
fixing skeleton
axil skeleton


1 、"If we had any guts, we'd get out of here, " as one skeleton said to another in the medical laboratory.───"要是我们有些胆子(血肉), 就可以离开这儿的嘛"--躺在医学实验室里的一副骷髅骨头跟另一副骨头讲。

2 、I'll be a balding and toothless skeleton.─── 我就要变成秃顶没牙的骷髅了

3 、"If we have any guts, we'd get out of here, " as one skeleton say to another in the medical laboratory.───"要是我们有些胆子(血肉), 就可以离开这儿的嘛。--躺在医学实验室里的一副骷髅骨头跟另一副骷髅骨头讲。

4 、The Smiths regarded their daughter's addiction to drugs as a family skeleton.───史密斯夫妇把女儿吸毒成瘾视为家丑。

5 、I know that you have skeletons in your closet.─── 我知道你有不可告人的秘密

6 、Why did the skeleton refuse to go to the ball?───为什么骨骼拒绝参加舞会?

7 、A skeleton definition line is required for all animating models in the game.───一条最基本的定义线为所有给赋予生命的模型在比赛需要。

8 、A "fanged skeleton" is a skeleton possessed by a hunger demon.───“毒牙骷髅”是一个被饥饿恶魔所侵占的骷髅。

9 、But in 1998, the skeleton of a child with human and Neanderthal features was found in Lagar Velho, Portugal.───但是在1998年发现了一具具有人类和尼安德特人特征的儿童骨架,地点是在葡萄牙的拉加威尔豪。

10 、Single tooth can be separated from triangle model with the skeleton.───依据获得的骨架线可以把牙齿精确地分离出来。

11 、A remnant or trace of an organism of a past geologic age, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint, embedded and preserved in the earth's crust.───化石埋置并保存于地层中的古生物遗体、遗物和其生活遗址,如骨骸、叶子的印痕等

12 、Not only is there a skeleton in every closet,but there is a screw loose in every skeleton.───不单指每一家的储物室里都有一副骷髅(丑事),而且每一副骷髅里面都有一根螺丝是松的。

13 、But you're a skeleton, skeletons don't have blood.─── 但你是个骷髅 骷髅没有血

14 、He was reduced to a skeleton.───他瘦得只剩一把骨头了。

15 、She never refers to her childhood; I wonder if she has a skeleton in the cupboard.───她从来不谈及其童年,我怀疑她是否有隐秘的家庭丑事。

16 、The skeleton that waited at their feast.───他象个骷髅,伺候着鸟儿的宴会,

17 、He said the skeleton could also provide information.───他说,骨骼也可提供资料。

18 、She is reduced almost to a skeleton by long illness.───她因长期生病骨瘦如柴。

19 、He was reduced almost to skeleton by the illness.───他病成了皮包骨了。

20 、Improve blood circulation,reducing the pressure of muscles and balancing the skeleton of body.───促进血液循环,减少肌肉压力,平衡身体的骨骼。

21 、Her notes gave us just the bare skeleton of her theory.───她的笔记只给我们提供了她的理论的梗概。

22 、Includes 2 knights and 2 skeleton minifigures!───包括2个骑士和2个骨骼骑者!

23 、Wow, look at that dinosaur skeleton !───啊,看那个恐龙骨架!

24 、Having a skeleton consisting mainly of cartilage.───主要由软骨组织构成的骨架的

25 、Bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact.───但它也有一定的弹性,使得骨骼能够承受相当的打击。

26 、She would return to find the castle charred and gutted, a ghastly skeleton.───她回去只会看到城堡被烧毁,一个一无所有的空架。

27 、E:But now I have skeleton dust in my eye!───可现在骷髅的灰飞到我眼睛里去了!

28 、She tell me about the skeleton of her new novel.───她把自己一部新**的梗概对我讲了一遍。

29 、By the outer margin of the pit was an oval pond, and over it hung the attenuated skeleton of a chrome-yellow moon.───在深谷的外侧边缘,有一个椭圆形的池塘,池塘上高悬着一勾朦胧昏黄的残月。

30 、A skeleton was dangling before my eyes.───一具骷髅悬挂在眼前

31 、Every family is said to have at least one skeleton in the cupboard.───俗话说,衣柜里面藏有骷髅,见不得人的事家家有。

32 、He was studying the structure skeleton.───他正在研究骨骼构造。

33 、His boy bent curiously to the skeleton of the buck.───他的儿子好奇地弯下身去看鹿的骸骨。

34 、Wow!Look at that dinosaur skeleton!───喔!看那个恐龙的骨架!

35 、We only have a skeleton bus service on public holidays.───在公众假期,只有最少量的公共汽车营运。

36 、He would not have been able to put a precise age on the skeleton.───他还不能确定骨架的精确年龄。

37 、The battalion was a mere skeleton of its former self.───军队只是以前军队的一个框架。

38 、The medical student studies the skeleton of the human body.───医学专业的学生研究人体的尸骸。

39 、Everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard.───人都有不可告人之事。

40 、The human skeleton consists of 206 bones.───人的骨骼由206块骨头组成。

41 、They devour the marlin, leaving only the head, skeleton, and tail.───它们吞噬了马林鱼,只剩下了鱼头、骨架和尾巴。

42 、You should write the skeleton equation.───你应该列出基本方程式。

43 、The grind floor of the museum is taken up by the skeleton of a dinosaur.───博物馆的底层为一具恐龙的骨骼占据了。

44 、Death is often shown in paintings as a human skeleton.───在绘画作品中死神常以骷髅形式出现。

45 、Only a skeleton crew are needed while the ship is tied up in dock.───在船停泊在船坞期间只需要骨干船员

46 、He wasted away to a skeleton.───他瘦成皮包骨了。

47 、He is a skeleton of his former self.───他就是他原来的样子。

48 、I came down to see if the screws matched the silver in the skeleton, and the skeleton was gone.─── 我下来看螺丝和骷髅是否能匹配上 然后就发现它没了

49 、Her body was so thin that one could almost see her skeleton.───她那么瘦,几乎都能看清她的骨头架子。

50 、The bundle skeleton starts with a Java project, where we can do basic coding work.───从Java项目开始创建包框架,在该项目中,我们可以进行基本的编码工作。

51 、Creodont characters are displayed in the skeleton.───牠们的骨骼上有肉齿目的特徵。

52 、Most species of octopus have no internal skeleton, unlike other cephalopods.───大部分章鱼没有身体内部的 骨骼,不像其它的头足纲动物。

53 、Originally the office was to be run on a skeleton staff. Not the immediate target is 60.───原先在办公室准备只安排最基本数量的人员,而眼下急需60个人。

54 、Vultures had been at the carcass and had the skeleton clean as a whistle.───几只兀鹰停在这只死去的野兽身上,把肉吃得光光的飞走了,只剩下这副干净的骸骨。

55 、He was reduced to nothing but a skeleton.───他瘦成一把骨头了。

56 、Relating to bone or to the skeleton.───与骨或骨骼有关的

57 、Death personified as an old man or a skeleton with a scythe.───"死"拟人化成老人或骷髅头和长柄镰刀。

58 、A New Skeleton Diterpenoid Alkaloid from Aconitum Vilmorinianum Kom.───一个新骨架二萜生物碱。

59 、Now, we're going to put them in context and bring in two complete skeletons, a human skeleton and a chimpanzee skeleton.─── 现在我们把它们放回整体中 给大家看两具完整的骨架 一具人类骨架和一具黑猩猩骨架

60 、That is why it sailed with only a skeleton crew.─── 所以才只带了一名基干船员出海

61 、Urban street trees in urban greening skeleton.───城市行道树是城市绿化的骨架。

62 、If they have skeletons, they're buried deep.─── 如果真有丑闻 肯定藏得非常深

63 、The parts of an articulated skeleton move as a result of joint rotations.───人体骨架有关节连接的部位之所以可以动,是因为关节结合处可以旋转所致。

64 、"Mine," the skeleton intoned, stretching its bony arms toward the sweeper.───“开采”,被吟诵的骨骼,舒展它骨多的胳膊往扫除机。

65 、Her notes give us just the bare skeleton of her theory.───她的笔记只给我们提供了她的理论的梗概.

66 、NAK, no skeleton imports such as Wal-Mart card UHS.───NAK、进口无骨架华尔卡UHS.

67 、There will only be a skeleton staff on duty over the holiday.───假期将只留必需的少数职员值班。

68 、But the skeleton, it... it's still there.─── 但我的骸骨 它 它还在那里

69 、His youngest daughter has been twice sent to prison, and I suppose this is his skeleton in the cupboard.───他的小女儿曾两次入狱,我想这件事是他的一块心病。

70 、The disease has reduced her to a skeleton.───她病得只剩下皮包骨头了。

71 、Every family is said to have at least one skeleton in the cupboard .───俗话说,衣柜里面藏骷髅,见不得人的事家家有。

72 、The skeleton of the lower limb is divide into the girdle and the skeleton of the free limb.───下肢的骨骼分为带及“自由”下肢骨。

73 、He is reduced almost to a skeleton .───他瘦得几乎变成了一个骨头架子。

74 、There is nothing stiller in the world than the skeleton of a house in the dawn after a fire.───世界上任何景象也比不上火灾后的黎明所显示的断垣残壁更沉静了。

75 、In the persp view ensure the skeleton is selected.───在透视图中,确保骨骼被选定的状态。

76 、Two fragments of Hitler's skeleton still exist.───不过,希特勒身上还有两个部件留在世上。

77 、Both her parents were alcoholics; that was the skeleton in her closet.───她父母都酗酒,这是她不愿让人知道的家丑。

78 、She is not a missing link, but her skeleton is half human, half chimp.───塞拉姆并不是人类进化过程中缺失的一环,但她一半很接近于人类,另一半却更像猿类。

79 、The director set out the plan in skeleton form.───主任提纲挈领地说明了这一计划。

80 、She was no more: the trembling skeleton of a twig burnt in the fire, an odour of rosewood and wetted ashes.───她已经不在了,一根在火中燃烧过的小树枝那颤巍巍的残骸,一股黄檀和温灰气味。

81 、Dry as a bone, because he's a skeleton.─── 冷到徹骨 因為他是骷髏

82 、There must be a few skeletons in his closet.─── 肯定有一些不为人知的秘密吧

83 、Not only is there a skeleton in every closet, but there is a screw loosing in every skeleton .───不单指每一家的储物室里都有一副骷髅,而且每一副骷髅里面都有一根螺丝是松的。

84 、They had a skeleton in the cupboard.───他们的碗橱有一具骷髅。

85 、The outer one third has a cartilaginous skeleton.───外部1/3为软骨性骨骼。

86 、Everyone has a skeleton in his closet.───人人都有不可告人之事。

87 、The creature could, for example, disintegrate only a target's skeleton, leaving its skull untouched.───举例来说,它可以只解离掉目标身躯的骨骼而保留头骨不受损。

88 、Only the concrete skeleton of the factory remained.───厂房只剩下混凝土骨架了。

89 、Only a skeleton crew is needed while the ship is tied up in dock.───在船停泊在船坞期间只需要骨干船员。

90 、We've all got a skeleton in the closet somewhere that we don't want let out.───好,放出去,海里摸锅,那还行吗?

Skeletal与Skeleton的区别是什么Skeletal mage 是骷髅法师,而 Skeleton archer是骷髅弓箭手 ,这是为啥




Skeletal与Skeleton的区别是什么Skeletal mage 是骷髅法师,而 Skeleton archer是骷髅弓箭手 ,这是为啥

Skeletal是骷髅 Skeleton是骨架


Acher是弓兵 Mage是法师..

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