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英:[deɪn]  美:[den]

英:  美:


v.(有时作贬义或作反语)屈尊, 施惠于人, 赐予


动词第三人称单数: deigns |动词过去分词: deigned |动词过去式: deigned |动词现在分词: deigning |


glorify | adore | exalt | worship | consecrate |dignify | beatify | venerate | idolize


blaspheme | curse |swear


1 、The only occasions you deign to speak to me or my sisters is when you need something from us.─── 只有在你需要我或我姐妹们帮忙的时候 才肯屈尊和我们说话

2 、They should change this bad habit and condescend/ deign to be pleased what is pleasing.───他们应该改掉这个坏毛病,谦逊地去请教为人接受的方式.

3 、"See what this man says: 'If you will only deign to grant me one half-hour,'" she repeated, with an imitation of languor.───“你来看看吧,”她对萝拉说,“看看这个人说的话,‘倘若你能给我半个小时,’”她重复了一遍,装出可怜巴巴有气无力的口气。

4 、He did not deign to listen to our request.───他不屑听我们的请求

5 、The Method of t-test of Experimental Result of Cross-over Deign with Two Treatments───二个处理交叉试验结果分析的t检验法

6 、The Deign of The Measuring Software of A Main Transformer of Cool System Intelligent Control Equipment───主变冷却系统智能控制装置的测试软件设计

7 、he would undertake a long journey and humble himself before the prophet, who did not even deign to come out and see him.───他不辞劳苦、长途跋踄,谦卑自己向先知求医治,即使那先知并不想见他。

8 、Pursued from the time she was very young by suitors she did not even deign to notice, she decided, and for the rest of her life, on the first one who looked all right to her.───从很小时起她就被人追求,但那些人她看都懒得看一眼。她认准了第一个看着顺眼的人,托付终身,一生无悔。

9 、But few deign to explain how the construction of the millions of solar cells required to convert that energy into electricity would be financed.───但将太阳能转换成电力先要铺设上百万块太阳能电池,他们当中很少有人屈尊解释,所需的安装费用从何而来。

10 、deign to ask sb. below oneself───屈尊下问

11 、5 He denied it all, and accused Senate Democrats of carrying out “a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves.───” 托马斯全盘否认指控,并指责参议院的民主党听证是 “对敢于有一点点自我思考的黑人执行的一场高科技刑罚”。

12 、He will not even deign to touch a weapon.─── 他甚至不肯屈尊去触碰武器

13 、The company receives "the good faith, is practical, the innovation,surmounting" the idea, by the high quality product and the perfectservice, welcome the domestic and foreign customers to deign toinquire, your help or friendship.───公司秉承“诚信、务实、创新、超越”的理念,以优质的产品和完美的服务,欢迎国内外客户垂询、惠顾。

14 、They don’t move a user towards his goal; they are overhead that the applications demand before they deign to assist that person.───在其设计成为协助用户之前,程序的要求是一种额外开支。

15 、So the afflatus of clothing deign must be pursued from all-around and multiple directions.───因此要从多角度、多层次、多方位去寻求服装设计的灵感。

16 、So, at last, you deign to turn up at your father's death bed.─── 你父亲临终之时 你终于屈尊出现了

17 、Now that she's jumped to one of the most famous vocalists,she doesn't deign to visit her former friends.───既然她一跃成为最著名的歌唱演员之一,便再也不愿屈尊去看望从前的朋友了。

18 、I think you may deign to marry me.I don't want to be an Adonis.───你要屈尊下嫁,我可不想当小白脸儿。

19 、He did not deign to an answer.───他不屑置答。

20 、I fear my Julia will not deign my lines───我担心我的朱莉亚不会欣然接受我的书信。

21 、wouldn't deign to greet the servant who opened the door───不愿降低身份向开门的仆人打招呼

22 、Computational method of flow quantity per second for housing service pipe deign───住宅给水管道设计秒流量计算方法

23 、do not deign to───不屑

24 、He walk past me without even deign to look at me───他从我身旁走过, 竟没有屈尊看我一眼

25 、God who hear'st the surges roll, deign to save our suppliant soul.─── 愿上帝听到浪潮翻涌 屈尊拯救我们的谦卑魂灵

26 、At times he might even deign to speak to them.───有些时候,他也以恩赐的神情同他们谈谈话。

27 、3.We are in the position to accept orders against customer's samples specified deign ,speciation and packaging requirements.───我们也是可以接受又客人提供样品,客人的规格和包装要求的定单;

28 、Keywords spline hob with tooth side and bottom tolerance tooth Profile deign;───关键词留磨花键滚刀;齿形设计;

29 、Post-reading: 1. Show some fashionable clothing and school uniform designed by other students, then ask them to deign their uniform by themselves and share the design with others.───展示时尚的生活装和校服让学生了解时装流行趋势,开阔他们的眼界,有助于更好地设计他们满意的校服。

30 、earthquake resistance deign───抗震设计

31 、Analysis and Deign of High Speed LDO Circuits───低压高速LDO电路系统的分析与设计

32 、From now on, take the market as the guidance, promotes the characteristic stone material craft new product unceasingly, provides a higher quality service for the general customers, welcome to deign to inquire grants instruction.───今后,将以市场为导向,不断推出特色石材工艺新品,为广大客户提供更优质的服务,欢迎垂询赐教。

33 、So if we get bitten, you might deign to cure us.─── 那么如果我们被咬了 你也许可以屈尊治愈我们

34 、Now that she' s jumped to one of the most famous vocalists, she doesn' t deign to visit her former friends.───既然她一跃成为最著名的歌唱演员之一,便再也不愿屈尊去看望从前的朋友了。

35 、He doesn't deign to acknowledge his old friends───他连老朋友也不理了。

36 、engineering deign graphics (EDG)───工程图学

37 、If e'er you deign these lowly lines your eyes───如果你能让双眼屈就这段拙诗

38 、"If the marquise will deign to repeat the words I but imperfectly caught, I shall be delighted to answer," said M. de Villefort───“如果侯爵夫人愿意把刚才的话再说一遍,我是非常乐于答复。”福尔维先生说。

39 、He saw in her a pretty and fresh young girl with whom he did not deign to unite his life permanently.───他只看到她是一个好看的,娇艳的小姑娘,他不屑同她共命运。

40 、Deign of Amplitude Quantizing DRFM Unit───幅度量化数字射频存储器单元的设计

41 、Deign of Inner Pneumatic Large Diameter Pipe Aligning Device with Copper Lining and Its Application Prospect───大口径带铜衬气动内对口器的设计及前景展望

42 、They would never deign to notice me.───他们决不会屈尊来注意我。

43 、And while it is so, none so dry or thirsty Will deign to sip or touch one drop of it.───一个使性的女人,就像一池受到搅动的泉水,混浊可憎,失去一切的美丽,无论怎样喉干吻渴的人,也不愿把它啜饮一口。

44 、Benevolent Man: If you deign to accompany my daughter, you will behold a misserable calamity, and I will show you my certificates.───善人:假使您不见弃,肯陪着我的女儿,您将看见一种穷苦的灾难,我也可以把我的证件送给您看。

45 、not deign to do sth───不屑做(某事)

46 、Do not know to wife canal of tracheitis "(of how many " fathers) the husband, under the powerful weapon that rejects coital " in wife " namely, candidly admit defeat, deign with respect to volt.───不知有多少"气管炎"(妻管严)丈夫,就是在妻子"拒绝**"的有力武器 之下,甘拜下风,屈尊就伏的。

47 、Now that she is rich and famous, she does not deign to visit her former friends.───既然她现在又有钱又出名,便再也不愿屈尊去看望从前的朋友了。

48 、Introdction of Deign Method for High Frequency Transformer in SMPS with Example───实例讲解电源高频变压器的设计方法

49 、O how kind is Your spirit, Lord, Who in order to show Your sweetness toward Your children, deign to feed them with the sweetest of bread, bread come down from heaven!───主!祢的心是多麽甘饴!为显出祢对祢儿女的慈爱来,竟使甘美之粮,从天下降,养育我们。

50 、"Do look here," she remarked to Lola. "See what this man says: 'If you will only deign to grant me one half-hour,'" she repeated, with an imitation of languor.───“你来看看吧,"她对萝拉说,"看看这个人说的话,'倘若你能给我半个小时,'"她重复了一遍,装出可怜巴巴有气无力的口气。

51 、The use of Programmable Logic Device (PLD) is more and more general in recent years, and the procedure of circuit deign is fast and elastic.───和其它的演化和族群智慧演算法比较,而它们的结合被实施用来证实所提出方法的性能。

52 、Methods The programming and deign was performed according to the principles of "taking patients a center, clinic as basis, utility as goal, service as aim".───方法:根据“以患者为中心、以临床为基础、以实用为目的、以服务为宗旨”的原则进行总体规划和设计。

53 、"And never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,--'Wait and hope.'"───"永远不要忘记,直至上帝揭露人的未来图景的那一天以前,人类的一切智慧就包含在这四个字里面:‘等待’和‘希望’。享受生命的快乐吧!"

54 、He denied it all, and accused Senate Democrats of carrying out “a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves.───托马斯断然否认指控,并指责参议院的民主党听证是“对敢于有一点点自我思考的黑人执行的一场高科技私刑”。

55 、And when finally some clerk does deign to notice you you are made to feel as if you were interrupting him.───当终于有个售货员肯屈尊理你那样子又让你感觉像是打扰了他。

56 、A Study on the Deign Method of ARM Based Embedded System───基于ARM的嵌入式系统设计方法研究

57 、wouldn't deign to greet the servant who opened the door.See Synonyms at stoop &+{1}───不愿降低身份向开门的仆人打招呼参见

58 、S. president should deign to talk to.───在这次竞选中对这一问题一直争论不休。

59 、Research on Mechanism of Urban Environmental Deign Assessment───城市环境设计评价机制研究

60 、1.And when finally some clerk does deign to notice you, you are made to feel as if you were interrupting him.───当终于有个售货员肯屈尊理你,那样子又让你感觉像是打扰了他?

61 、3. In compensation trade payment is made by goods and not by for deign exchange.───在补偿贸易中,付款以货物而不是用外汇进行。

62 、Nor would we deign him burial of his men(Shakespeare)───我们也不愿答允他埋没他的部下(莎士比亚)

63 、Ah, you've deigned to break your despair long enough to pick up the phone.─── 你终于屈尊打破你的绝望 接我的**了

64 、He passed the castle in the heart of the forest, but didnt deign to look up at the princesss window.───他从那个森林中的城堡下经过的时候,连看都没往公主的窗口那边看。

65 、God who hear'st the surges roll, deign to save the suppliant soul.─── 愿上帝听到浪潮翻涌 屈尊拯救我们的谦卑魂灵

66 、He would deign us no reply.───他不答复我们

67 、deign to examine───俯察

68 、multidisciplinary deign optimization───多学科设计优化

69 、If God Exists...Deign Me Being Heartless As The Devil...───如果有神...请赐予我魔鬼般的狠心...

70 、experiment deign───实验设计

71 、Discussion about Deign of Post tensioned Partial Prestressed Frame Beam───关于后张部分预应力框架梁设计的探讨

72 、He did not deign to reply───他不屑回答。

73 、He would not deign to examine even the masterpieces of Elephanta, or the mysterious hypogea, concealed southeast from the docks, or those fine remains of Buddhist architecture, the Kanherian grottoes of the island of Salcette.───他既不去欣赏象山的名胜,也不去访问那些深藏在盂买湾东南的神秘地窖;就连萨尔赛特岛上的冈艾里石窟这种巧夺天工的佛教建筑遗迹,他也不屑于去瞧一眼。

74 、She has not told me that-and Lavinia didn't deign.───她没有对我说起这件事,拉维尼亚也不哼一声。

75 、instructional deign───教学设计

76 、And what's worse, you don't care. Because this place, where so many people would die to work you only deign to work. .───更糟的是,妳不在乎,因为...这里虽然有很多人挤破头想进来,妳却只是来讨口饭吃。

77 、He doesn't deign to talk to unimportant people like me.───他不肯屈尊和像我这样不重要的人说话。

78 、She would not deign to speak to us.───她认为她不值得和我们说话。

79 、I came to see if this, too, was, um, but a dream, that you would deign to marry me.─── 我过来看看是否这也是个梦 你愿意下嫁于我

80 、Will you deign no answer?───您不屑赐予回答吗?

81 、to condescend to grant or bestow(a privilege,for example); deign───屈就以授予或给予(如一个特权);惠赐

82 、And here we all are, waiting for the guest of honour to deign to make an appearance.─── 我们齐聚于此 等待贵宾大驾光临

83 、By using and practice, it is proved that the deign is reasonable, the manufacturing is good, the controlling is precision and the uniformity of furnace temperature is very well.───介绍一种新型铝材时效炉的特点和实用性,通过运用和实践证明,该设备设计合理、制作优良、控制精确、炉温均匀性高。

84 、"Monsieur le Baron, deign to listen to me.There is in America, in a district near Panama, a village called la Joya.───“男爵先生,请听我说,在美洲巴拿马那边一个地区,有一个村子叫若耶,这村子只有一所房子。

85 、Only too happey if she deign some times to cast a pitying look upon her slave, and to remember him in the hour of danger!───如果她能间或委身,对她的奴隶投去怜悯的目光,在危难中记得他,那就是他莫大的幸福!

86 、"Nor would we deign him burial of his men" (Shakespeare)───“我们也不愿答允他埋没他的部下”(莎士比亚)

87 、If e'er you deign these lowly lines your eyes,───如果你能让双眼屈就这段拙诗,

88 、You only deign to work.───你只是被迫工作。

89 、Deign problems of fire cooling spray device in storage tank area───储罐区消防冷却喷淋装置设计问题的探讨


design 意思是: 音标:英[dɪ'zaɪn] 美[dɪ'zaɪn] 双语例句:They wanted to design a machine that was both attractive and practical.他们想设计一种既美观又实用的机械。[其他] 第三人称单数:designs 复数:designs 现在分词:designing过去式:designed 过去分词:designed





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