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英:[ˈmɪldju:]  美:[ˈmɪldu:]

英:  美:


v.发霉, 生霉病

n.霉菌, 霉病, 发霉


形容词: mildewy |动词过去式: mildewed |动词现在分词: mildewing |动词过去分词: mildewed |动词第三人称单数: mildews |


delicate | weak | docile | warm | peaceable | milky | tame | kind | bland |gentle | tepid | calm | easy | pacific | humble | easygoing | merciful | unimportant | pleasant | soft | tasteless | orderly | moderate | temperate | meek | good-humored | minor | good-natured | clement | sober | insipid | insignificant | lenient | passive | benevolent | modest | balmy | slight | flexible


strict | wild | stern | hard | harsh |intense | severe


1 、"But if the priest comes to examine it and the mildew has not spread after the house has been plastered, he shall pronounce the house clean, because the mildew is gone.───“房子墁了以后,祭司若进去察看,见灾病在房内没有发散,就要定房子为洁净,因为灾病已经消除。

2 、For example, mildew mildew -- a major disease of cereal crops -- initially spreads across leaves of both noimal Arabidopsis and these mutant plants.───例如,白粉

3 、The frequency of wheat mildew to Pm4a gene presented more rapid rising.───小麦白粉菌对Pm4a的毒性频率呈较快的上升趋势,说明Pm4a基因的使用应该审慎;

4 、Title: Molecular Marker-Assisted Selection of DH Plants Conferring Genes Resistant to Powdery Mildew in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.───关键词:小麦;白粉病;双单倍体;分子标记;辅助选择;抗性基因累加

5 、The grain is liable to mildew when the humidity in the barn is too high.───仓库里潮气太大,粮食就容易发霉。

6 、It's wet, mildewed, corroded, rotten, like everything else in this rotten jungle.─── 打湿 发霉 腐蚀 腐烂 就像其他所有在这腐烂丛林里的东西一样

7 、The place reeks of mildew, There are only a couple of air-conditioning units.───在这个到处都是呛鼻霉味的地方,总共只有2部空调机。

8 、Wheat powdery mildew is one of wheat main diseases.───小麦白粉病是小麦的主要病害之一。

9 、Ms.Jiang sues said: on January 7, 2008 past 10:00 am, it to Beijing some hospital community health service station infusion (Kelin mildew element).───姜女士诉称:2008年1月7日上午10点多,其到北京市某医院社区卫生服务站输液(克林霉素)。

10 、The outside dew point is so low that mildew is seldom a problem.───户外霜点低,因此霜霉病很少发生。

11 、It also inhibited the occurrence of downy mildew and Erwinia carotovora.───对田间大白菜的霜霉病、软腐病的发生具有一定抑制作用。

12 、The preventing methods and the reasons of the pickled cabbage as chippings packed in plastic bags to turn brown and mildew was introduced in the store.───介绍了袋装酸菜末在贮藏过程中褐变和霉变的原因及防治方法。

13 、Blooms early, resists mildew.───开花早,抗白粉病.

14 、Thiadiazolines Compounds have the fungicidal activity against cucumber downy mildew.───噻二唑类化合物具有抑制黄瓜霜霉病毒的杀菌活性。

15 、On the susceptible wheat variety,the main factors of affecting the var-iaton of infection probability(IP)of powdery mildew(Erysiphe graminisf.sp,tritici) were the average air temperature(T)and relative humidity(RH).───在感病的小麦品种上影响白粉病菌(Ery siphe graminis f.sp.tritici)侵染机率变化的主要因素是平均温度(T)和平均相对湿度(RH)。

16 、The close-type isolation chamber between dry food feeder and water tank can protect food from mildew.───干食喂食器与储水器中间设计有封闭式隔离室保护,有效防止了食品霉变的可能。

17 、Fig. 2. Simple and forked germ tubes of conidia of the melon powdery mildew fungi.───图2.甜瓜白粉病菌孢子的二型发芽管。

18 、There's runofthemill mildew on top, water damage and warping near the bottom.─── 上面是普通发霉的 下面是水渍和翘曲的

19 、It is fabricated to endure rigorous outdoor conditions such as sunlight UV exposure, extreme temperature variances, mold and mildew.───可以承受各种室外条件,比如:紫外线、各种极端天气、雾天和容易发霉的天气(此处的几个条件感觉译的不好)

20 、To add the “CIBA” in the fabric can have the outstanding mildew proof and antibacterial function.───在面料中加入“CIBA”品牌的助剂,具有优异的防霉抗菌功能;

21 、It is corruption, acid is defeated, mildew changes, unripe bug and bilge are feculent or the provision with organic unusual character.───一是腐败、酸败、霉变、生虫和污垢不洁或者感官性状异常的食品。

22 、Her girls in mildew green sateen.───她的女儿们穿着发霉的绿棉缎。

23 、If fasten the patient with kidney not complete function, the goluptious Luotuopin that take a surname 1 gram, element of head Bao mildew 0.125 grams.───如果系肾功能不全的病人,可口服乌洛托品1克,头孢霉素0.125克。

24 、I mean, okay, but when it starts to grow mildew, we're both gonna *ell it.─── 好吧 但它要是发霉了 两个人都会被臭到

25 、It stinks, it *ells like death and mildew in here, and I want you to take it down.─── 好难闻 这里有死亡和霉菌的味道 把它砍了

26 、Cleans soap scum, mold and mildew stains in days.───几天之内把肥皂残留渣滓,?菌及发霉的痕迹清洁乾净.

27 、St. Croix has vigorous growth and good resistance to powdery mildew and black rot.───圣克罗伊的蓬勃发展和良好的抗白粉病和黑腐病。

28 、It can also effectively remove chilli oil. mildew stain and merbromin stain.───对去除辣子油、霉渍、红药水渍亦有效。

29 、May clean, the luster is lasting, bears the yellow stain, bears scours, has the mildew proof effect.───可清洗,色泽持久,耐黄变,耐擦洗,具有防霉功效。

30 、Powdery mildew is a main threat to wheat.An effective and economic measure is to adopt disease resistant race.───小麦白粉病是小麦生产上的主要病害之一,应用抗病品种是防治小麦白粉病的一项经济有效的措施。

31 、About 35 genuses was identified from the samples in 1994, which powdery mildew was 16 species, rust was 13 species and other funguses was 6 species.───从采集的标本中初步鉴定出35个种,其中白粉菌16种,锈菌13种,其他菌类6种。

32 、Our services include: pet odor and pest control, wax and gum and other stubborn stains removal, and mildew treatment.───我们的服务包括:宠物气味、防虫、蜡、树胶等去除顽固污渍、霉菌治疗。

33 、The foliage is glossy, larger than gooseberry, lobed, scentless and resists mildew.───叶面光亮,是大于鹅瓣,方洪和抗白粉病.

34 、Mildewproof sheet of METELN could effectively deal with multi-pollutant, No matter inside and outside the shoes And it also against external mildew after packaging.───黴特灵防黴片能有效对付多种污染物,无论产品内外,均时刻发挥灭菌功能。黴特灵防黴片更可以在货品包装后,对抗外来黴菌。

35 、Fungus and mildew and probably some killer mold.─── 霉啊菌啊 搞不好还有致命真菌

36 、It is triplex that chronic gastritis had better treat a method or 4 couplet therapeutics. Ao Meila Zun + Amoxilin + armour saltpetre Zun + carat mildew element?───慢性胃炎最好治疗方法是三联或四联疗法.奥美拉唑+阿莫西林+甲硝唑+克拉霉素?

37 、Sodium diacetate is a new type of mildew preventive and antiseptic agent with high efficiency,safety,nutrient and nontoxicity,Moreover it is cheap in price,small dosage in use,and it can give poultry and herd a good appetite.───双乙酸钠是一种高效、安全、营养、无毒的新型防霉、防腐剂 ,价格低 ,用量少 ,并能增强禽兽的食欲。

38 、Effects of four fungicides on controlling the powdery mildew and their impact on quality of flos lonicerae, Lonicera japonica Thunb.───四种杀菌剂对金银花白粉病的防治效果及对金银花品质的影响。

39 、Taste: rich oar fruit fragrance, grass mildew and black gallon sub-flavor.The tannin is balanced, feeling in the mouth exquisite smooth, the liquor body is lithe.───品鉴:此款酒呈红宝石般的色泽,浓郁的桨果香味,草霉和黑加仑子味道。单宁均衡,口感细腻柔滑,酒体轻盈。赤霞珠果香味优为明鲜,回味悠扬。

40 、A wheat-rye lBL/lRS alien translocation line 22/2439 is resistant to wheat powdery mildew in China. Cloning the powdery mildew resistance related genes is useful for understanding the resistance mechanism and disease resistance breeding.───小麦-黑麦1BL/1RS易位系99/2439对白粉病表现为近免疫,对其抗白粉病相关基因进行克隆研究不仅有利于阐明其抗病机制,而且对抗病育种有重大意义。

41 、Based on the conclusion given a bov,the prediction model of winter wheat powdery mildew was developed.───在此基础上建立了白粉病的预报模式。

42 、The flowers and trees rust, downy mildew, black spot disease, leaf blight, branch blight disease, powdery mildew etc. were significantly controlled by this fungicide.───对花木锈病、霜霉病、黑斑病、叶枯病、枝枯病、白粉病、溃疡病等防效显著。

43 、Does as operable as those medicaments meeting have carat mildew element does Jie fight action?───克拉霉素与那些药物合用会有拮抗作用?

44 、A powerful one-step disinfectant cleaner for floor. Prevents mold and mildew.───优点:一次过发挥清洁、消毒及辟味三种功能,有助防止霉菌及细菌滋生。

45 、Dimethyl fumarate is a new anti mildew and antiseptic agent with the best inhibiting effect on aflatoxin in food and feed.───富马酸二甲酯是当前对黄曲霉菌抑制作用最佳的新型食品和饲料防霉、防腐剂。

46 、You can *ell the wet moss and mildew in the thick, cool air, feel grass and pine needles crunching underfoot.─── 你能闻到潮湿的青苔味 浓浓的霉味 冰凉的空气 感受到枯草和松针在见地嘎扎嘎扎地响

47 、Pm6 transferred from Triticum timopheevii L. to common wheat, is an effective resistance gene to powdery mildew disease caused by Erysiphe graminis f. sp.tritici.───从提莫菲维小麦转移到普通小麦中的小麦白粉病抗性基因Pm6是小麦白粉病(Erysiphe graminis f sp. tritici)的有效抗性基因。

48 、The comprehensive factors including variety, topography, air temperature, rainfall and number of sporangia dispersal could affect outbreak and epidemic of wine grape downy mildew.───品种、地势、空气温度、降雨量和菌量等综合因素共同影响葡萄霜霉病的发生与流行。

49 、Waxes for Chinese-Traditional-Medicine Pill Outer Shell : Mainly used as sealer for Chinese-Traditional Medicine pill outer shell with waterproof , moisture-proof and mildew prevent function.───中药丸外壳用蜡:本产品主要用于中药丸外壳的密封,具有防水、防潮和防霉变作用。

50 、Is carat mildew element dispersive piece what medicine be? What is composition? Use treatment commonly what disease?───克拉霉素分散片是什么药?成分是什么?一般用来治疗什么疾病?

51 、Plants with immunity to powdery mildew were isolated from theback crossing population,and these plants might be used as a new bri-dge material for wheat improvement.───在回交后代群体中,已分离出对白粉病免疫的植株,是一个可望在小麦育种计划中利用的新中间型材料。

52 、In addition,identification of alien chromosome in genetical background of wheat and applied value of 6R chromosome of rye on resistance to powdery mildew etc.were discussed.───同时还对小麦遗传背景下异源染色体的识别及6R染色体的利用价值等问题进行了讨论。

53 、The mildew accounted for about 70% of all microbes and bacteria accounted for about 25% and there were few amounts of microzyme and actinomyceto.───各类微生物中霉菌类占70%左右,细菌类占25%左右,酵母菌类和放线菌类极少;

54 、To deodorize and inhibit mildew growth on outdoor plastic mesh furniture and patio umbrellas, mix 2 cups white vinegar and 2 tablespoons liquid dish soap in a bucket of hot water.───为了祛除并阻止木制家具和亭子上有霉菌生长,可以在水桶里兑2杯白醋、2汤匙液体肥皂和一些热水。

55 、Four organic solvents hadn't any inhibiting effect on target pathogens, expect that dimethyl sulfoxide had a little inhibiting effect on wheat powdery mildew in vivo experiment.───在活体测定中,除了二甲基亚砜对小麦白粉病有一定影响外,四种有机溶剂对靶标病原菌无任何不良影响。

56 、During the winter month in arid climates, the outside dew point is low so that mildew is seldom a problem.───冬季的月份里,气候干燥,户外露点低,因此很少发生霜霉

57 、Disease of fruit and leaf of powdery mildew and bacterial spot were suppressed by BTH treatment during development stages of melon.───BTH处理对甜瓜品质、产量没有影响,降低了甜瓜果实病害,抑制了白粉病和细菌性角斑病的发展。

58 、There was a smell of wet mildew and mouse holes at the foot of wall, also a smell of feint and warm dried grass.───墙角散发着潮湿的霉味和老鼠洞的气味,还有一股淡淡的、温暖的干草味。

59 、Fig. 1. Fibrosin bodies in mature conidia of the melon powdery mildew fungus.───图1.存在甜瓜白粉病菌孢子内的皿状物。

60 、To think nobody's tickled inside of your musty, mildewed granny panties except for the family of crickets that nest in there.─── 居然从来没人 掀开过你发霉长草 款式老掉牙的* 除了在那儿安家的蟋蟀家族

61 、These two plant extracts had an inhibiting action on the germination of zoospores of downy mildew of melon and their inhibiting efficiencies were respectively 48.2% and 25.3%.───上述2种植物提取液对甜瓜霜霉病菌游动孢子萌发的抑制率分别为48.2%和25.3%。

62 、Smelling of mildew or decay; musty.───发霉味的;腐朽的。

63 、At the end of the season their leaves are frequently dulled and disfigured by powdery mildew.───在这个季节末叶子通常没了光泽并因白粉病而变得丑陋不堪。

64 、But terribly of mildew grass eye is distinctive, relation kissing a predestined relationship is unspecified.───但霉草目甚为独特,亲缘关系不详。

65 、Fig. 3. Effect of temperature on the conidium germination of powdery mildew fungi in cucurbits.───图3.温度对于瓜类白粉病菌孢子发芽的影响。

66 、Then spray the mixture on painted surfaces, tiles, windows, or wherever you see mold or mildew spots.───将溶液喷涂在油漆表面,瓦砾,窗户或者任何你看见真菌或霉菌的地方。

67 、Does check-up turn is ammoniac mildew exorbitant cannot become a teacher?───体检转氨霉过高不能当老师?

68 、I also noticed a crack at the base of the head and mildew on the torso.─── 我还发现玩偶后脑底部上有裂痕 身上发了霉

69 、Element of appropriate cloth mildew: Fight bacterium chart and gentamicin likeness, stronger to action of green pus bacili.───妥布霉素:抗菌谱与庆大霉素相似,对绿脓杆菌作用较强。

70 、Fig. 2. Germ tubes of conidia of the gerbera powdery mildew fungus.───图2.非洲菊白粉病菌孢子的发芽管。

71 、Every time He chastised them, whether it was by hunger, drought, mildew, locust, pestilences, plagues, military defeats, or destruction, they still refused to turn to Him.───上帝用饥荒、旱灾、霉烂、蝗灾、瘟疫、军事攻击或毁城等方法警戒他们,但他们还是拒绝转向上帝。

72 、Thus, the Lord said: "I have smitten you with blasting and mildew.───上帝这样说道:“我以旱风霉烂攻击你们。

73 、Opened a window, sunshine can be basked in into the house, purify mildew flavour and humidity.───开了窗,阳光可以晒进屋子,去除霉味和潮气。

74 、Have strong bacteriostatic action to dermatophyte and mildew which can result in different kinds of skin affection.───对极易引发各种皮肤疾患的皮肤真菌,霉菌有较强的抑菌作用。

75 、The well post mildew element may the enzymolysis be well post mildew Asia base amine A, the well post amine and the well post mildew amine.───井冈霉素可酶解为井冈霉亚基胺A、井冈胺和井冈霉胺。井冈霉亚基胺A是昆虫的海藻糖酶抑制剂,可以开发为生物杀虫剂;

76 、Please summerize the control methods according to the disease cycle of wheat powdery mildew.───分析麦类黑穗病近年来在我国愈来愈重的原因?并根据发病规律提出行之有效的防治方案。

77 、The bacteria that causes bromatoxism basically has toxin of mildew of coccus of grape of yellow of bacterium of Sramana family name, gold, coliform organisms, Huang Qu.───引发食物中毒的病菌主要有沙门氏细菌、金**葡萄球菌、大肠杆菌、黄曲霉毒素。

78 、I smote you with blasting and with mildew and with hail in all the labours of your hands; yet ye turned not to me, saith the LORD.───在你们手下的各样工作上,我以旱风,霉烂,冰雹,攻击你们。你们仍不归向我。这是耶和华说的。

79 、Balsamine suffers from powdery mildew extremely easily.───凤仙花极轻易患白粉病。

80 、The owner of the house must go and tell the priest, 'I have seen something that looks like mildew in my house.───房主就要去告诉祭司说:‘据我看,房屋中似乎有灾病。

81 、During the major onset of downy mildew,The PPO and POD activities in leaves were determined in three grapevine varieties(lines),8804,Merlot and Cabernet Franc.───在霜霉病盛发期,对8804、梅尔诺、品丽珠3个葡萄品种(系)叶片中的PPO和POD活性变化进行了测定.

82 、When ordering for next year look for a F1 hybrid onion set 'Santero' from Thompson &Morgan.It's resistant to downy mildew.───下一年要找第一代杂交葱的话,就找托玛逊或马根号吧。

83 、In a couple days you won't notice that funky mildew, and the a*estos.─── 这段时间你还不会注意到 那发臭的霉菌 还有防火布

84 、Smelling of mildew or decay;musty.───发霉味的;腐朽的

85 、My brother's house is a total fixer-upper: The faucet leaks, the lawn is dead, there's mildew everywhere, and did I mention that the pool is empty?───我哥哥房子里的水龙头漏水、草坪枯死了、还四处发霉,需要彻底翻新了。

86 、I'm just impressed you managed to get out that dankass mildew *ell.─── 你居然成功除掉了那种潮湿的霉味

87 、The impact of Northern Hemisphere polar vortex area and Eurasian meridional circulation on the epidemic of wheat power mildew is negative, while the impact of Indiaburman trough and West Pacific Subtropical high area is positive.───北半球极涡面积和欧亚经向环流对我国小麦白粉病流行影响为负效应,印缅槽和西太平洋副热带高压面积对我国小麦白粉病流行影响为正效应;

88 、Confine your watering to the roots only, so that the leaves don't get wet, because zinnia plants are susceptible to mildew.───只需给它的根部浇水,以免叶子受潮,因为百日菊容易因叶子潮湿而发霉。

89 、If have,be able to bear or endure to tetracycline property of a medicine, can convert erythromycin, methylic erythromycin or element of Luo Gong mildew.───对四环素若有耐药性,则可改用红霉素、甲基红霉素或罗红霉素等。

90 、It is considered that there are rich germplasm resources for resistance to powdery mildew in relative genera and species of wheat.───可见小麦近缘属种中有丰富的抗白粉病种质资源。





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